As part of the "Worming Through America" tour, ENFORCED raged across the land to promote their latest Century Media release. Self-described as "pure crossover death", KILL GRID is a full-length album of the extreme from a variety of genres. Fans of thrash, punk, death metal and beyond filled the venue for a night of hardcore hellraising! With standing room only, I grabbed a spot at stage side to capture the action.
ENFORCED thrashed their way across the United States, performing tracks from KILL GRID, as well as other fan favorites. The tour was headlined by Exhumed and also featured Bewitcher.  "Designed for head-bangers and circle-pit lunatics alike." You can find their fierce tracks on Apple Music, YouTube Music, and just about everywhere good music is streamed.
Enforced 11/6/2021 Setlist:

- Malignance
- Beneath Me
- The Heat
- The Doctrine
- Skinned Alive
- Reckoning Force

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