True Crime
January, 2024
Codebass Radio, Inc.
I build a remote studio from scratch, maybe before you ever encountered one!
March, 2020
A Phenomenon of Social Consciousness
A small group of people, willing to sacrifice long-term plans, in the name of supporting those in need. When they needed it.
February, 2020
Adobe Channel Community Coordinator
A short video reel to demonstrate the many talents of Adobe Channel streamers and all the channel has to offer; released to celebrate its one-year anniversary!
December, 2016
It Was Metal - Animation Promo
A promotional video I produced for metal band "A Sound Of Thunder," who later released a fully animated video! Both videos featuring Brian Posehn!
February, 2020
Adobe Conference Media Partnerships
Adobe ColdFusion Summit is a conference that continues to grow! Since the very beginning, I have been providing my media partnership prowess, from live-streaming to keynote videography.
February, 2020
Adobe Spark Overview
I created a video to give an overview of Adobe Spark Video as part of a blog article on the topic, as well as to have in my YouTube library!
February, 2020
Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2014
Created as official Media Sponsor for the Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2014. Inspired by the Adobe Lights wall that is part of the Adobe Logo Remix project.
September, 2014
Podcast and Audio Production Overview
An overview of some audio knowledge, albeit somewhat outdated!
July, 2014
Progress Virtual Classroom
March, 2020
A Sound Of Thunder - Behind The Scenes Video
A behind the scenes video about the making of The Lesser Key Of Solomon, a new album by A Sound Of Thunder!
September, 2014
A Sound Of Thunder - Press Photography
Press photography gig for "A Sound Of Thunder" when they opened for Iced Earth on 4/21/2014.
April, 2014
Queensrÿche Concert Photography
Queensrÿche concert photography, taken in the press pit at Baltimore Soundstage.
April, 2020
Enforced Thrashes Baltimore!
ENFORCED performs at Angel's Rock Bar in Baltimore on 11/6/2021.
November, 2021
Bewitcher Blasts Baltimore!
Bewitcher Performs at Angel's Rock Bar in Baltimore on 11/6/2021 as part of the "Worming Through America" tour.
November, 2021
30-Second Stream Reel
Clips from some of my 2016 live streams.
January, 2017
Behance Portfolio Review Week in 40 Seconds
Behance Portfolio Review Week events are casual, grass-roots gatherings where creatives of all kinds can get feedback on their work and connect with other creatives in the local community.
October, 2014
Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2015
Promotional reel created as official Media Sponsor for the Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2015.
December, 2015
Codebass Radio Extra
Audio interviews converted to a monster multimedia slide show in record time. "Stop the clock!"
May, 2014
Rio Nido Lodge, Memories That Linger
A photo restoration and retouch project of Rio Nido Lodge, in which the primary objective was to remove a person for better emphasis on the lodge. Client photo was captured in the 1960s.
June, 2016
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