In April of 2017, I was a guest blogger for Kelsey Brannan, AKA "Premiere Gal". I used the opportunity to make my first proper tutorial. I thought listening back to it would make me cringe, but I think all the time I have spent helping people on live-streams and remotely has paid off. As always, there could be improvements. 

While I just try to look nice vs. am picky about make-up, I learned that the "bare minimum" looks I was exploring, to make spontaneous live-streaming on Twitch a bit more convenient, did not really translate to something I'd want to be a little more evergreen. I do like to use humor, but if I were to go as far again as I did in the intro, I would create something from scratch. 

I'm pretty happy with the flow, the bullet points I chose to address, and the humor I used at points along the way. I had a really good time giving this a try. and wouldn't mind doing it again for creative and educational topics. I learned a lot!
Here are the three articles I wrote for Kelsey's blog (and a nomination I enjoyed making for her series on women in media.)
Above are my many simple looks, when I don't have stupid hair. :) 

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