If you are familiar with the world of Howard Stern, then you probably know that a group of his staffers put together a comedy road show called The Ronnie Mund Block Party. They took the show to clubs both big and small for a year or two. The Atlantic City show was the largest and most elaborate.

This review of the Ronnie Mund Block Party in Atlantic City was originally intended for audio as an episode of the Codebass Radio Podcast. We were so inspired by the people willing to contribute content, that we decided to throw together a slide show for a bit of visual entertainment.

The slideshow portion of the project was completed, end-to-end, in two days. We're pretty proud of what we managed to turn around in that time with the resources we had. In fact, it became such a beast that we feared it would be seen as a poor effort at video vs. the elaborate slideshow it became. So, we're quite happy that it persisted for a very long time with NO "thumbs down". Anyone familiar with the Stern fan community knows it is nearly impossible to avoid massive criticism.

The effort is co-hosted by Vicky Ryder and Brody Brodo who interview several great personalities, such as renowned Philly weatherman, John Bolaris, and Howard Stern Wackpacker, High Pitch Eric. There are also extra treats thrown in, such as a portion of Daniel Mendelson's "JD's Aria", found mostly in the second half of the slideshow. Be sure to watch the last minute or two for video of Ronnie singing "Sweet Caroline", as well as a special CBR outtro featuring High Pitch Eric! If you're a Stern fan, you will especially appreciate those elements.

Co-Produced by Vicky Ryder, James Allen. February, 2013.

WARNING: There are expletives and adult themes scattered throughout the video. No explicit visuals.

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