Because this video was for a Behance event, I used that platform as the primary promotional vehicle. Therefore, I am leaving the remainder of the project "as it was" at the time of the event.
Behance Portfolio Review Week events are casual, grass-roots gatherings where creatives of all kinds can get feedback on their work and connect with other creatives in the local community. 

Week 6 is just around the corner!

November 8 @ 6pm
The Bindery
1145 Wicomo Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
RSVP: [Meetup Link Omitted]
Portfolio Review Week 5, back in May of this year, was my first foray into one of these events. What began as me snagging interviews with the intent of presenting a highlight reel for an eMediaChat appearance quickly morphed into friendships formed with Jon-Michael Moses, Breck Jones, and Chris Rothe

Jon-Michael and crew eventually invited me to join them as an event organizer. For Portfolio Review Week 6, I produced this short promotional reel. 

I took some photos and footage at our latest planning session.. you know, for "Instagram and stuff." Already fascinated by the machinery at The Bindery, where Chris Rothe hosts these events, and impressed with Breck's musical talent, I envisioned much of what you see here while reviewing said footage.

I feel so lucky to be part of yet another local team that inspires me to the point where a vision comes to me "just like that", however simple it may seem. With the miracle of social networks like Behance making the world so readily accessible, we often forget to explore the offerings of our own backyard. The awesomeness I've encountered in Baltimore, much in the last year or two, hopefully shows through in this short production.

If you are in driving distance, or will be in Baltimore on 11/8, RSVP to join us at our Meetup page!

Not nearby? Find an event in your neck of the woods!  
Update: This video has been blogged by the Behance team!
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