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A phenomenon of social consciousness by a group of people, willing to sacrifice long-term plans, in the name of supporting those in need.. when they needed it.

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Long 1st, now 2nd highest funded metal album ever.
Already doing some work for female-led metal band, "A Sound Of Thunder", I made this video very spontaneously on a Sunday. It was an eye-catching method of delivery for an early release of their song, "Els Segadors"; a heavy metal cover of the Catalan national anthem. 

The song was originally arranged and recorded in honor of singer Nina Osegueda's mother, for a later-released album. It was published ahead of time in support of the Catalan independence movement.. originally dear to the singer, and ultimately to the band and me for various reasons. A day prior to its release, a good number of Catalan citizens had been physically dissuaded (to say the least) from an independence referendum. Very different, but not entirely un-parallel to things that touched us all domestically at the time.​​​​​​​
I could have done much better with more days, needless to say.. but I have always believed there is a point where trading off a little effort for timing and circumstance is not only OK.. but *necessary*, in the current landscape. How I relished this chance to prove it, after I watched "perfectionists" let a couple similarly profound waves fly right on by with chagrin over the years.

This project led to two overseas tours.. from which I live-streamed with up to 4 mobile devices at once, to the delight of fans following their Facebook page. In addition, I had a couple LUMIX cams documenting the entire thing, ran social media, and so much more. Be sure to check out the media grid below!

Documentary is a WIP / KS to finish. Long time coming, but anyone with recent experience in the music business knows the grind. Some things pays the bills from day to day, and some won't for a while! And I've done so much with this band in between. (A promo with footage I took of Brian Posehn voicing a dragon for the band's latest fully animated video, for one. A behind-the-scenes bonus video on their latest Kickstarted DVD, for another.)

This is a story that can't be told properly within the space of a project summary. Feel free to contact me for more info, if you're media looking for info or a reputable prospective employer.  Read/translate the thousands of YouTube comments for a truly profound insight. 
You can find details about my other work with A Sound Of Thunder in this portfolio.
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