Working with Adobe Channel, the corporations first live-stream platform, was a terrific experience. The channel featured a full schedule of artists, from digital to traditional, who created beautiful art while demonstrating their crafts. I handled a multitude of production tasks.
Channel Production Duties

-- Assisted with a variety of production tasks to help maintain Adobe Channel live-stream and special event broadcasting consistency, messaging, and overall health. 
-- Facilitated broadcaster hand-offs. Coordinated fill-in broadcasts. Streamed special event relays. 
-- Configured and trained streamers to help build global, remote staff.
-- Supervised volunteer moderators and moderated viewer interaction. 
-- Promoted via Adobe Channel social media. 
-- Program planning. 
-- Promotional video production.
-- Technical R&D, configuration, and QA of various stream production technologies, including YouTube powered Photoshop Live platform. Info Mod for Photoshop Live and similar events.

This work and more helped the Adobe Innovation team determine the future of creative streaming at Adobe. My contract work merited a lovely LinkedIn recommendation from the Lead Content Strategist of Community Engagement, under whom Adobe's live-stream efforts still reside.
Among the many assets I created for this position, a favorite feat was creating this celebratory 1-year anniversary video. It was a last minute idea I managed to pull together, along with social media copy, in time to promote during Adobe MAX. It was a blast to create! Unfortunately, my portfolio backend isn't currently allowing Twitch embeds, but you can click here to view it on Twitch.  

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