This is a promotional "sneak peek" video I made for a fully animated music video by metal band, "A Sound Of Thunder." 

Except for a couple scenes within the wheel, and a black and white blender scene, any motion / animation not indicated by a timer is my work. (Actual feature cartooning by Mean Gene Fowler!)

All behind-the-scenes videography, as well as post-production is my work.
I chose and subcontracted the voice work (by Avi Cohen) and scripted the first 10 seconds of the intro. Overall promotional concept was mine. I also got lucky, in that we had a huge storm while I was making it, so the thunder is real and recorded by me. I leveraged the stereo field to give it more depth near the top. I gave it overall less priority at the time, over everything else going on in here. A retrospective learning experience in prioritization! 

This was published in June, 2018. I actually intended to create this project entry last week, when I started to update this relatively ancient portfolio of mine. Never got there. And Brian Posehn just released his own album not long before this writing! 

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