As part of Progress Software's corporate Virtual Classroom team, I served primarily as editor. It is one of the products Progress keeps behind their paywall, so I can't really show much. I can tell you that I was part of this team for two seasons, serving in various other producerial roles as needed.

For the first season in which I was involved, I topped and tailed each chapter. At that point, they were in the form of 4 hour live-streams that I was tasked to edit down into segments. I weighed in heavily on their decision to publish these as VOD modules for future seasons. I felt it would make the courses more easily digestible, without the ebbs and flows of a live session that can quickly interrupt the intended flow.

For the second season, I maintained a video collaboration account that would serve better than previous methods for maintaining our progress, video metadata, and other administrative information. I offered creative direction for the course intros and helped my teammates in whatever way was needed.

I also had the job of transcribing and editing subtitles for these videos, as the platform they chose had no native transcription capabilities. Honestly, it was not my favorite thing to do for a full series of courses. I would do it again for short form video projects, but otherwise this is a task anyone should subcontract to a full-time transcription specialist. In fact, I would avoid the chosen platform altogether. 

This project demonstrates another adventure into the educational side of media. As always, I took a lot of great things from the experience.

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