Once upon a time...
This is the story of how my media production career began. Sort of. There comes both joy and pain with trying to narrow things down to where everyone spanning the last decade can understand it.. and no one feels left out. 

So far, this series of tweets seems to be doing the best job! So, without further ado... 
A Trailblazing Launchpad for the New Media Landscape

To know more about my adventures...

https://codebass.com - The rest of this portfolio

Looking forward to killing it with adventurous people whose minds are focused on this awesome digital landscape.. not mourning the loss of old school philosophies that could very well be leveraged for a leg up! 

We all wish this "final flip" would have come about under better circumstances, but here we are! I'm finding I have a lot in common with many prospective employers who could benefit from the many hats I love to wear.
Adobe Milestones
From a community project to Codebass Radio, Inc. at a glance!
Els Segadors! Going Viral!
(Can we still say use that phrase..?)

This is a story of a world region uplifted, merely by motivating to recognize their portion of pain. I highly recommend you read the full and profound story.

For the sake of speed, I have been pulling things together from everywhere to update my portfolio. The quality of some of this will improve, and things like typos in tweets.. are what they are! However, the story of Els Segadors addresses my full and ongoing belief about when to allow exceptions (and vice-versa!)

Education, Motion, and More
All right here at the root of my portfolio!
Clocking Studio Time!Here are some fun ways I learned more throughout the last decade. I was always searching for opportunities!​​​​​​​

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